Azienda Agricola Fattoria Franciola
di Doriano Rossini
Loc. Franciola 18, 01020
Proceno (VT) Lazio
+39 0763/710035

Trekking for all people..

From the Farm, you can undertake trekking routes of varying difficulty.
Upon arrival, the owners will be glad to show you a map and study with you the way that best suits your needs. The map will then be provided for you to always have with you a simple guide that explains the various paths.
Walking in the woods, we are enchanted by the views drawn from nature and you can see many varieties of plants, surrounded by the scents of wild oregano, juniper and herbs.
We welcome not only our guests, but also anyone who needs a day to stop and recharge.

It will be very easy to cover them by following colors:
PINK ROUTE: very easy, takes about 15 minutes, suitable for children.
BLUE ROUTE: easy, about 1 hour.
GREEN ROUTE: medium difficulty,1 hour and 30 minutes.
ORANGE ROUTE: medium difficulty, lasting about 45 minutes.
RED ROUTE: medium-high difficulty, lasting about 3 hours.


Following the ORANGE ROUTE you come up to our "Cascatella", a natural waterfall of the river "Mattarello" which divides Lazio and Tuscany. From here you enter, if you want, in the RED ROUTE that goes over the waterfall and reaches to the river "Stridolone", a tributary of the river Paglia; then goes back to the country of Proceno and finally returns to the Farm crossing also our "Castagneto", an area that also includes the easy routes PINK and BLUE. The GREEN ROUTE however, allows also to reach Proceno and return to the farm.

The paths cross each other, and with the map, it will be easy to follow even choose different colors.

Agriturismo Fattoria Franciola
Loc. Franciola 18, 01020 Proceno (VT) Lazio, Italia
Tel.: +39 (0)763.710035   Mob.: +39 3395874132
P.IVA : 00729730564

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